Digital marketing is dynamic.  Marketing tactics and strategies continue to evolve, resulting in the emergence of new ways to reach a broader audience and potential clients.

During consultations with clients, I always remind them that they should remember their marketing fundamentals – reaching out to your target audience and expanding your market through your brand’s personal story and unique messaging.
However, they should also be flexible, understand their target audience’s changing needs and preferences, and embrace emerging trends that can help grow their brands.


Digital marketers agree that 2017 will be all about video marketing, interactive content marketing, social media advertising, and social commerce.  I agree. With a major chunk of the world’s population spending much of their time online, browsing web pages or on different social media platforms, brands need to innovate and incorporate these trends into their digital marketing plans.


If you want to grow your brand and achieve your business goals this year, here are digital marketing strategies that will help make your brand stand out.


Video marketing


If you think you’ve seen the best of video marketing in 2016, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Video marketing is predicted to be one of the most effective marketing strategies this year. We are looking at close to 5 billion mobile phone users around the world who are now enjoying faster internet speeds.   With this improvement in internet speeds, video marketing will soar even higher in 2017 and in the years to come.


People have very low attention spans so videos make it easier for you to tell your brand’s story quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it will be easier for your audience to remember and connect with your brand.


Live streaming


Social media platforms launched their live streaming services last year and in 2017, you can expect brands to utilize this important growth channel as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram just made it easier for brands to implement live streaming.


If you are planning to use live streaming to make your brand stand out, you need to create content that’s relatable and authentic.  And be spontaneous, because people have a hunger for real-time, in-the-moment content. For example. If you are a fashion retailer, perhaps you can teach your customers how to spice up different outfits using one or two of your items.


Live streaming is also a great venue for answering consumers’ questions, making important announcements, and broadcasting your events.
Limited-life content

If you have no idea what limited-life content is, these are the disappearing stories and posts you see on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. These posts only appear on these platforms for a specific period of time.  Content that appears after a while appeal to social media users because they are casual and spontaneous. If you are planning to include limited-life content in your digital marketing strategies, focus on your brand’s unique story. Maybe you can show your followers what it’s like to work for your company. Make your stories fun, engaging, and creative!


Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram Advertising

Social commerce is expected to explode in the coming years as more and more people discover new brands, products, and services through Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.  People like to shop online and there is a growing interest in shopping via social media platforms so consider investing in Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram targeted ads and sponsored posts. These platforms will show targeted ads to the audience you want to reach out to and when they click on the ads, they will be brought to your website’s landing page. However, not every social media platform is right for your brand so choose a platform carefully.
Influencer Marketing


Social media influencers are social media users who have a strong following on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.  These influencers or online celebrities can easily create awareness about your brand through a single post or series of posts because their followers trust and respect them. In fact, surveys have consistently shown that people are more likely to purchase a product if it is recommended by an influencer.


Improved email marketing


A client once asked me if it is time for her to ditch email marketing and my answer is a big NO. Unknown to many, email marketing is not dead.


Countless emails are still being sent every day so how can we say that email marketing is dead?  In fact, most adults welcome emails from brands.


Your email marketing strategies need to be spiced up a bit. For example, if your marketing strategy relies heavily on email marketing, you should beef up your company’s emails. Replace those boring static emails with interactive, more engaging content. Use attention-grabbing images to replace text-heavy content.


Having a sound marketing plan is essential to your brand’s growth and success. Incorporate these digital marketing strategies in your marketing plan today and watch your business soar to greater heights.



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