Meet the Management Team

Hilary Knights - CEO, Marketing Consultant

Hilary Knights has had nearly a decade of experience in various analytical occupations. She served as a Strategic Analyst at a local telecommunications company in Trinidad and Tobago.

Hilary started Knights Business Intelligence Services as a spin off from Ralph Knights and Company in 2015 where she was a Managing Partner and Strategist for that organization.

Hilary's primary duties as a consultant in the organization are within the Online Marketing and Process Improvement projects. As a trained Industrial Engineer and Business Administration professional she has specific expertise in operations research, operations planning, and quality control she has married these skills with the new field of Data Analytics.

Hilary holds an MBA with a Concentration in Economics from The University of Memphis’ Professional MBA program, as well as a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Industrial Engineering from Bradley University Peoria, IL.

Hilary has worked with various international companies in developing and executing their online marketing strategies.

She offers personal business coaching to smaller solo entrepreneurs.

Charlene Blandin - COO, Business Intelligence Consultant

Charlene Blandin is a Analytics Specialist with a wealth of experience in the analysis and transformation of data into meaningful information for improvement of the performance and operations of organizations.

At the local telecommunications company, Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago, Charlene moved from a Product Manager to a Strategic Analyst, thus enabling her to marry her knowledge and understanding of the needs of the customer and the organization with her analytical skills.

As a Strategic Analyst, Charlene developed reporting and analytical dashboards that enabled the organization to closely monitor its performance and quickly identify and resolve area for process improvement and of revenue leakage.

Through her use of data visualization and statistical tools, the organization gained deeper insight into their customers’ behaviors. She developed predictive tools that measure the possible outcomes of introduction of new products and services, promotions and churn.

Improving business performance is closely tied with process improvement.  As a Process Team Leader, Charlene successfully introduced improvement of the organization’s marketing processes, identifying the need for the greater incorporation of data analysis for the pricing and positioning of new products.